Hello-ween !

I didn't show you a photo from my SMENA 8M. I really fun when I wore my outfit and took some photo as A model.The shortest model of the world.LOL Uhmm I have alot of photo to share you.I shall to register 'flickr' but now I'm very busy with school. Today is 31st October , Yah It's Halloween in Thailand we don't have kids knock the door and say 'Trick or Treat!!'.It's not our tradition but we have Halloween party at pub and actually for 20+ guys only. >:P

Here is My mom's vintage lace dress, Espada black shirt , Mom's necklace and Aunt's shoes. Nothing is mine except the shirt although the camera! (I forgot my camera at dad's car and Dad was drivin'.) And the book in my hand is 'Alice In Wonderland' by Lewis Carroll. I looked old, right? My costume is heretic nun + nurse = heretic nurse. hahaha I have nothing to say. Anyway... Happy Halloween! :-)


' Meadham Kirchhoff' : How to read it ?

I saw Meadham Kirchhoff S/S 2011 RTW from vogue.com. The Princess , Blooming , Rainbow , awkwarded and... Uhmm comfortable thing are in this outfit ,I guess. They showed me the confused is beautiful froms my view. And the last one ,Tavi Gevinson from her blog (stylerookie.com) .I immediately think of her outfit. This collection, I can put my clothes from my wardrobe and mix it like these. ORZ"

Now. This is my school holidays. I'll going to school again at 26th Oct. :D


The Opposite of Alice

Hummm. I'm revising the lesson. I can't read without drawing or talkin'. LOL They exchange thier work & outfit.
-Red Queen with Alice's outfit but Heart her style still in her dress.
-Alice / Queen Alice she just a kid loves to play ,loves freedom. So she dosen't care about tea time in the picture.
-Mr. Cheschire with Mad hatter's Hat.

Tomorrow I have final exam.



Now,I get new camera.(He's born in 1970's ,I don't know is it new or old ?)
Tadammmm ! SMENA 8M

Shutter B


My friend ;P

This is first picture of the roll of camera :D


grandma's home

I went to grandma's home.It's very remote form capital,Bangkok around 500 km.I feel cow's smell ,dog's bark blah blah blah . Uww I think I'm in old Mc'Donald's Farm. I have nothing to talk....

save the earth..


Auditioned Already A++

I had audition already. What they ask me ? I wanna be in COSTUME.
*Can you make up?
yesss, I can do. (If you teach me..)
*Did you make up by yourself? ,when?
yeahh When i exchanged @
* If i want to be a DUCK how to make up ?
emphasize around your mouth ... (Quck Quck T_T)
*My face is circle how to make my face slender ?(Damnn! :me)
Arr........ emphasize asides your cheeks as a shadow ...
blah blah

But.... I pass it! yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D
I most young in group - - head of COSTUME is P'Neevea in school uniform .She's very midium that i think. She adds me in fb. OHG! She's damn sexy!

She likes spainish girls or R&B singer i think..

*19 + 21 July midterm (exam) I need tutor!! {Handsomes tutor eheh!}


I hurt my fleck (Ohh Thumbelina)

Today I lost friend's earbud, ipod's USB and ipod's Adapter.(It's in a pocket.) We leave only IPOD TOUCH (owwww! ) I'm very worried.but She doesn't worry, OMG! why's she don't angry me!? ,makes me realize . I wanna cry so much . Who wanna returns my(friend's) pocket?

I've one fleck on my thumb.Don't know why ,I hurt all day... yeah! now i know That's mean to BADLUCK.Owwww~ Devil Fleck! Am i witch ? I not wear a purple cloak, feed cat or travel by 'Nimbus 2000'. :P
Next Monday i have to audition @school. Jane,she's audition on wednesday.After she got out from Audition Room.She cried. waaa How's force? I heard we have to sing "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" for four emotions , introduce yourself by you're MADMAN(or girl) ! and they'll(senior) ask you
"Can you do only?
I have to ways for you baby
1) Get out! and Don't come here agian! Don't make me see you agian!
{wow! I don't wanna see you guys! I wanna do work 'bout backstage or costumer}
2) try agian do it better..."

oh damnnn ! what should i do ? Not matter now I should to find Where can i buy CHEAP earbud? :(


I havn't gone bananas!

Hello สวัสดี. (Sa-Was-Dee :Greeting in THAILAND.)

This is my first time in blogspot.I'm Thai Girl.I'm in Bangkok. I speak Thai. Okayyy (Why I wrote in English? affected ?) I wanna practice my English. I'd to exchange student programme 'AFS' at USA or AUS. They're my dream. :) ummmmm. This entry for say 'hello!' haha.

This blog for who loves.... Fashion , Arts , Music , Photography and Toy Camera!
If my grammar mistake. i'm so sorry (Kor Tod Na!/ขอโทษนะ! :SORRY in Thai.) I hope you'll understand my messages :-D...
ขอบคุณค่ะ! (Kob Kun Ka!:Thanks.)
(I love red converse & Lacoste socks )

Yesterday I went to 'ISETAN' japanese departmet store with A'cake & SunSun. @Kinokuniya book store. Magazines SALE!! (owwww~ i love this word) but They discout only JAPANESE magazines.The crowd much in the store (japanese 80%) Ohh I'm in JAPANNN! lol

Wait for you... Central World <3



I'm very fun and tiredd ! 1 pm. I go to study @ English Tutor.(very sleepyyy ZzZzZ.)
Tomorrow is My Dad's Birthday ! Let's celebration.. oh also heavy most for study day:-(
-P.E. (Badminton)
-Healthy (I call 'sexology' eheh.)
-Club (Photography!<3) ... Oh my lifee! Just smile girls!