' Meadham Kirchhoff' : How to read it ?

I saw Meadham Kirchhoff S/S 2011 RTW from vogue.com. The Princess , Blooming , Rainbow , awkwarded and... Uhmm comfortable thing are in this outfit ,I guess. They showed me the confused is beautiful froms my view. And the last one ,Tavi Gevinson from her blog (stylerookie.com) .I immediately think of her outfit. This collection, I can put my clothes from my wardrobe and mix it like these. ORZ"

Now. This is my school holidays. I'll going to school again at 26th Oct. :D


The Opposite of Alice

Hummm. I'm revising the lesson. I can't read without drawing or talkin'. LOL They exchange thier work & outfit.
-Red Queen with Alice's outfit but Heart her style still in her dress.
-Alice / Queen Alice she just a kid loves to play ,loves freedom. So she dosen't care about tea time in the picture.
-Mr. Cheschire with Mad hatter's Hat.

Tomorrow I have final exam.