Auditioned Already A++

I had audition already. What they ask me ? I wanna be in COSTUME.
*Can you make up?
yesss, I can do. (If you teach me..)
*Did you make up by yourself? ,when?
yeahh When i exchanged @
* If i want to be a DUCK how to make up ?
emphasize around your mouth ... (Quck Quck T_T)
*My face is circle how to make my face slender ?(Damnn! :me)
Arr........ emphasize asides your cheeks as a shadow ...
blah blah

But.... I pass it! yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D
I most young in group - - head of COSTUME is P'Neevea in school uniform .She's very midium that i think. She adds me in fb. OHG! She's damn sexy!

She likes spainish girls or R&B singer i think..

*19 + 21 July midterm (exam) I need tutor!! {Handsomes tutor eheh!}