I hurt my fleck (Ohh Thumbelina)

Today I lost friend's earbud, ipod's USB and ipod's Adapter.(It's in a pocket.) We leave only IPOD TOUCH (owwww! ) I'm very worried.but She doesn't worry, OMG! why's she don't angry me!? ,makes me realize . I wanna cry so much . Who wanna returns my(friend's) pocket?

I've one fleck on my thumb.Don't know why ,I hurt all day... yeah! now i know That's mean to BADLUCK.Owwww~ Devil Fleck! Am i witch ? I not wear a purple cloak, feed cat or travel by 'Nimbus 2000'. :P
Next Monday i have to audition @school. Jane,she's audition on wednesday.After she got out from Audition Room.She cried. waaa How's force? I heard we have to sing "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" for four emotions , introduce yourself by you're MADMAN(or girl) ! and they'll(senior) ask you
"Can you do only?
I have to ways for you baby
1) Get out! and Don't come here agian! Don't make me see you agian!
{wow! I don't wanna see you guys! I wanna do work 'bout backstage or costumer}
2) try agian do it better..."

oh damnnn ! what should i do ? Not matter now I should to find Where can i buy CHEAP earbud? :(


I havn't gone bananas!

Hello สวัสดี. (Sa-Was-Dee :Greeting in THAILAND.)

This is my first time in blogspot.I'm Thai Girl.I'm in Bangkok. I speak Thai. Okayyy (Why I wrote in English? affected ?) I wanna practice my English. I'd to exchange student programme 'AFS' at USA or AUS. They're my dream. :) ummmmm. This entry for say 'hello!' haha.

This blog for who loves.... Fashion , Arts , Music , Photography and Toy Camera!
If my grammar mistake. i'm so sorry (Kor Tod Na!/ขอโทษนะ! :SORRY in Thai.) I hope you'll understand my messages :-D...
ขอบคุณค่ะ! (Kob Kun Ka!:Thanks.)
(I love red converse & Lacoste socks )

Yesterday I went to 'ISETAN' japanese departmet store with A'cake & SunSun. @Kinokuniya book store. Magazines SALE!! (owwww~ i love this word) but They discout only JAPANESE magazines.The crowd much in the store (japanese 80%) Ohh I'm in JAPANNN! lol

Wait for you... Central World <3



I'm very fun and tiredd ! 1 pm. I go to study @ English Tutor.(very sleepyyy ZzZzZ.)
Tomorrow is My Dad's Birthday ! Let's celebration.. oh also heavy most for study day:-(
-P.E. (Badminton)
-Healthy (I call 'sexology' eheh.)
-Club (Photography!<3) ... Oh my lifee! Just smile girls!