Hello Vacations!

    I'm back!! The exam is completed.Result of exam are soon... And don't matter. Now NO SCHOOL FOR A MONTH!! So I clear all of textbooks to underneath my bed and deleted some no-necessary lessons out of my brain.Ready for Vacation. And What's I found?? My bedside was very untidiness. I have to tidy my room!

 Green Neon Skull Key Ring. Girl Scouting badge from JJ Market.Pink flower brooch from Lee.Smiling Face brooch from JJ Market. Lip Gloss. Prey for Japan Wristband by Lady Gaga.Student ID card. My wallet.Banana Boat Sunscreen ...etc

    This's picture named 'Goodbye rainbow' by watercolour, all of animals are turn away from good mind and be bad. My friend said that pink tree was Broccoli cry and the rainbow is broccoli tears.Whoops. So I mean Yay No school No Homework I have times to update blogs,drawing,listening new music,photographing and blablabla 

I'll update several times! I promise. (There's anyone else wait for me?)


La Flora

    It's rained here.Everything are wet and creepy,the season of depressed. I never take an umbrella to school.Because If I take it to school, there is no drop of rain.(Oh shit) One day after school, after the rain I was hurried up from mom so I ran. I didn't close my rucksack after I ran all of my stuff were scattered on the fucking wet floor!! Aww I HATE THE RAIN.

  This is my inspiration all from Tumblr and Saga's blog. I love flower and spring/summer.


I'm still alive

 (Greeting by Tigerlily's way)
Hey there!!
I'm still alive! What's going on? I'm so busy at school. Many assignments to do.I'll update news as soon as possible.haha This is my new glasses yesterday I wore it at school all day. 

Aw Anyway Good Night xoxo


Red Riding Hood

          Tadammm! I proud to present 'The Red Rinding Hood' I think Nobody had never hear about this story.It's classic bedtime story for youth and everybody.I also love it! I wanna wear red hood a once of my life.But behide the sweet wonderful story hide the 'REAL' story.What's real!? The original story our Hoody girl had SEX with a fox and Girlie show in front of the fox after that...yeah He ate her! Nobody couldn't help as a present version. It's dark story, isn't it? The lust of human and animal.The fox raped her? or She accepted it? Nobody knows. 
             They became my illustration of Red riding hood and sexy fox. The fox's face so fooly sly.She closed her eyes as she travel in dream while the fox wheedles her.She don't know what's he does with her.The fox hypnotized My little daring I guess. (Actually She closed her eyes because I draw eyes very suck! Better If they close and plus the smoky eye and orange blush on on her cheek for colourful face.)

          Before I drew I found for fox illustration from these.

"Oh, granny, your teeth are tremendous in size!"
   "They're to eat you!" and he ate her.

1) "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" Illustration.
 2) Sexy Red riding : My inspiration began from this work.
3) Les Contes de Perrault, dessins par Gustave Doré. Paris: J. Hetzel, 1867.
4) Red Motorcycling Hood from Vogue Magazine.

            Sometimes My red hood might be falls in love with fox? So...What do you think?


English Camp : Fashion night!

I come back from rayong for two days.I left for rayong to English Camp.The hotel is wonterful we played poker til 1 am., had a gossip(We're gossip girl actually) til 2 am. and Omg! We woke up at 6.30 am. by emergency siren.I thought the conflagration was happen! but It's buzzes.Oh I was the alarm clock.And It was the destiny of mine and Cody ,we used same alarm ringtone! I just see the MV when I come back form the Camp. (//scream loud again!)

Pok Pok Pok Pok Poker face~ four person for one room and also had stair to mezzanine like we're the princess. (wah I guess.)

Fashion Night! (the 2nd) We're Dark Diva!
Oh I didn't told you.I got new hair cut. :-)

We made up for 2 hours (yeah,I was very litle for 12 girls) And took the photoshoot in the room.haha I felt of the model spirit. It was fun to find my buddy and I didn't have to find him. He came to ask me Who's P'Cake?(my friend) I just told him then I saw his ID card.Oh yah He's my buddy my buddy stand in front of me. LOL I wrote the letter to him I heard his friend said 'I guess he's the boy.I know by handwriting' Damn! I just hurry when i wrote. OTL

I'm very enjoy.<3 style="font-style: italic;">a little bit gossip.


Hello-ween !

I didn't show you a photo from my SMENA 8M. I really fun when I wore my outfit and took some photo as A model.The shortest model of the world.LOL Uhmm I have alot of photo to share you.I shall to register 'flickr' but now I'm very busy with school. Today is 31st October , Yah It's Halloween in Thailand we don't have kids knock the door and say 'Trick or Treat!!'.It's not our tradition but we have Halloween party at pub and actually for 20+ guys only. >:P

Here is My mom's vintage lace dress, Espada black shirt , Mom's necklace and Aunt's shoes. Nothing is mine except the shirt although the camera! (I forgot my camera at dad's car and Dad was drivin'.) And the book in my hand is 'Alice In Wonderland' by Lewis Carroll. I looked old, right? My costume is heretic nun + nurse = heretic nurse. hahaha I have nothing to say. Anyway... Happy Halloween! :-)


' Meadham Kirchhoff' : How to read it ?

I saw Meadham Kirchhoff S/S 2011 RTW from vogue.com. The Princess , Blooming , Rainbow , awkwarded and... Uhmm comfortable thing are in this outfit ,I guess. They showed me the confused is beautiful froms my view. And the last one ,Tavi Gevinson from her blog (stylerookie.com) .I immediately think of her outfit. This collection, I can put my clothes from my wardrobe and mix it like these. ORZ"

Now. This is my school holidays. I'll going to school again at 26th Oct. :D