Hello-ween !

I didn't show you a photo from my SMENA 8M. I really fun when I wore my outfit and took some photo as A model.The shortest model of the world.LOL Uhmm I have alot of photo to share you.I shall to register 'flickr' but now I'm very busy with school. Today is 31st October , Yah It's Halloween in Thailand we don't have kids knock the door and say 'Trick or Treat!!'.It's not our tradition but we have Halloween party at pub and actually for 20+ guys only. >:P

Here is My mom's vintage lace dress, Espada black shirt , Mom's necklace and Aunt's shoes. Nothing is mine except the shirt although the camera! (I forgot my camera at dad's car and Dad was drivin'.) And the book in my hand is 'Alice In Wonderland' by Lewis Carroll. I looked old, right? My costume is heretic nun + nurse = heretic nurse. hahaha I have nothing to say. Anyway... Happy Halloween! :-)