Hello Vacations!

    I'm back!! The exam is completed.Result of exam are soon... And don't matter. Now NO SCHOOL FOR A MONTH!! So I clear all of textbooks to underneath my bed and deleted some no-necessary lessons out of my brain.Ready for Vacation. And What's I found?? My bedside was very untidiness. I have to tidy my room!

 Green Neon Skull Key Ring. Girl Scouting badge from JJ Market.Pink flower brooch from Lee.Smiling Face brooch from JJ Market. Lip Gloss. Prey for Japan Wristband by Lady Gaga.Student ID card. My wallet.Banana Boat Sunscreen ...etc

    This's picture named 'Goodbye rainbow' by watercolour, all of animals are turn away from good mind and be bad. My friend said that pink tree was Broccoli cry and the rainbow is broccoli tears.Whoops. So I mean Yay No school No Homework I have times to update blogs,drawing,listening new music,photographing and blablabla 

I'll update several times! I promise. (There's anyone else wait for me?)