English Camp : Fashion night!

I come back from rayong for two days.I left for rayong to English Camp.The hotel is wonterful we played poker til 1 am., had a gossip(We're gossip girl actually) til 2 am. and Omg! We woke up at 6.30 am. by emergency siren.I thought the conflagration was happen! but It's buzzes.Oh I was the alarm clock.And It was the destiny of mine and Cody ,we used same alarm ringtone! I just see the MV when I come back form the Camp. (//scream loud again!)

Pok Pok Pok Pok Poker face~ four person for one room and also had stair to mezzanine like we're the princess. (wah I guess.)

Fashion Night! (the 2nd) We're Dark Diva!
Oh I didn't told you.I got new hair cut. :-)

We made up for 2 hours (yeah,I was very litle for 12 girls) And took the photoshoot in the room.haha I felt of the model spirit. It was fun to find my buddy and I didn't have to find him. He came to ask me Who's P'Cake?(my friend) I just told him then I saw his ID card.Oh yah He's my buddy my buddy stand in front of me. LOL I wrote the letter to him I heard his friend said 'I guess he's the boy.I know by handwriting' Damn! I just hurry when i wrote. OTL

I'm very enjoy.<3 style="font-style: italic;">a little bit gossip.